Everyone loves summer! I feel very happy because there is so much light and air around. Summer season is very laid back and it’s the time to start with a new fun activity. Summer vibes give us an opportunity to dress up, be on the beach, go for an adventure, and roam around on the streets till late in the evening. It’s just a wonderful time to do what we love.

Summer always gives out a very floral kind of vibe. Whenever I think of summers, I think of flowers and the cheerfulness connected with them. When you feel all summer-y, I feel sunny & bright. I designed the ‘Marigold’ collection because I think these earrings are just apt for summers. But they can also add a pop of colour to your winters! They are extremely lightweight and their glossy finish is what makes them different.

Another favourite one is ‘Kalina’ collection. I have always had a liking towards the sunflower. So, when I wanted to make something flower-like, I combined two of my favourites – Sunflower and colour orange! Kalina earrings are designed and created to capture the beauty of Summer Flowers. These earrings are artistically made to depict floral details. They are full of life and fun to wear.

Summer season gives us so many different opportunities to experiment and wear colourful clothes and accessories. Another classic for the summers is the ‘Cherry’ collection. Cherries are one of the most beloved fruits. They are delicious and have many health benefits. I wanted to use the combination of Red and White for the jewellery. This combination has always been my favourite. They are the cherries for your ear!

Last, but not the least, are the ‘Chrysta’ earrings. They are the classic combination of white and gold which never goes out of style. Earrings that have a unique marble effect where white represents calm and gold depicts warmth and power. They are very light on the ears and look extremely stylish. The marble effect of the clay makes it unique and one of a kind. It’s beautiful and very elegant.

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