White Opportunity

The colour white always gives you an opportunity to start afresh. It’s the colour of light, purity and positivity. This colour gives us a chance to make something unique. I have incorporated it in many of my jewellery designs, and the results are always one of a kind.

A beautiful example is ‘Scarlet’ earrings. They have multiple colours in them, but together they stand for courage, passion, joy and love. They are lightweight and fashionable. The colour white in combination with multiple others makes them pop!

When using just two colours, white and blue, one can represent the art of ‘Shibori’ in a piece of jewellery. These earrings are handcrafted and they connect the traditional art to the new design. With a little hint of metal in this pair, it makes it look so elite yet chic.

Earrings are a personal style statement, they say a lot about a person. ‘Marcella’ earrings have the classic combination of Red & White. This combination is Bold & Stylish! This collection of earrings can really make an outfit extraordinary.

The word lace is synonymous to white. I always feel lace is a very fine and delicate invention for the fashion industry. Lace Earrings are very much in trend these days. But, the ‘Lacy’ earrings are not one of the regular lace earrings. This lace effect is made using clay. They seem surreal. The lace stays on top of a coloured clay underneath so that the under colours are visible too. They are beautiful and unique. Very light on the ear, so that you can wear them all day long!

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