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I am a self-taught artist and my creative journey started at a very young age. I have always cherished gifting and receiving unique jewellery for every occasion. My love for jewellery has no bounds.

Many years ago, I saw an artistic piece of jewellery in an international fashion blog and was fascinated by it. The design and the finer nuances of the piece kept popping into my head every now and then and I could not get over it. I looked everywhere for that piece, but was unable to get it. My closest friends still search for that particular piece for me, even today. It was this incident which made me realise how much I am in love with artistic jewellery.

As the saying goes, ‘a girl can never have enough jewellery’, was the spark that laid foundation in 2020, to ‘Bella Creates’, a business where each piece of jewellery is made by hand and crafted with love. My endeavour is to always maintain exclusivity that satiates my creative process and transcends into a piece of beauty, every single time. Each design is inspired by nature, my life experiences, my travels & what I see around me.

At Bella Creates, I play multiple roles and switch seamlessly from an artist, to client facing briefs for customizing their jewellery based on their needs and style, actually creating the piece of wearable art, photographing it and finally sharing with the world the beautiful process that went into making this art and what inspired it. I am the creator, the marketer, the photographer, the cashier and most importantly, I am me….. a Bella, beautiful and unique. At Bella Creates, each day is a dawn to new learning experiences, and the journey is a very enriching.

I have fun recording BTS (behind the scenes), because life is not perfect! It is the ‘Oops moments’ that make the journey to the final success that much sweeter! Each piece of jewellery is painstakingly created with hours of work put into perfecting it. This is why there is ONLY ONE of a kind that gets made which is as unique as YOU are! Each day is a fresh start, a new idea and the process starts all over again, which personally I find very therapeutic, and enjoyable.

I love getting to work each day and have been fortunate enough to say I love what I do.

Bella Creates is my version of Bold, Modern & Chic! Welcome to my world!

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