Nature Diaries

Nature never fails to amaze you! For me, nature is a book full of inspirations. I love looking at the sky, it gives me strength. I look at the trees, they remind me to stay grounded. The ocean gives me happiness. I try to combine all this in the way I design and make jewellery. Nature’s elements are so important for any artist because we can relate and see what we are going to create through nature’s presence in our work.

Looking at the sky at night is a lovely experience. One can witness different shades of the dark sky. The universe is so full of colours and sparkles. I created the ‘Aurora’ collection in an attempt to create a piece of jewellery – for your universe. The earrings have glazing on top, which makes it shiny. It is definitely a rare find!

The infinite creativity of Earth has also been the inspiration for my beautiful ‘Avani’ collection. This collection is earthy and elegant, yet artistic!

Another great inspiration from nature is the ‘Azura’ collection. It is dedicated to the clouds in the sky. Put on this pair when you want to just relax and admire nature. Glossy finished, light-weight earrings that will remind you of the silver lining. A sign of hope & positivity.

I always think Green when I think of nature. For me, this colour is a sign of freshness, growth, and youthfulness. The ‘Forest Green’ Earrings reminds us to take care of our health, and always feel fresh and energized. They are modern and stunning. The beauty of nature cannot be captured in one frame, but parts of it can always stay with us!

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